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This website was designed to support the XBOX World of Tanks community by sharing knowledge and improving the gaming experience. Information posted on this site is accurate as possible based on either information obtained through research, forums, websites, or actual game play experience. If you know of any information posted on this site that is not completely accurate then please lodge a Report Error or Suggestion so that the information may be corrected / improved. The site is kept up-to-date as new content is released.

This website is a not for profit website and a free service to the World of Tanks XBOX community. This website provides no membership (free or paid) or technical support to the actual / official game World of Tanks XBOX 360 Edition or XBOX ONE Edition, any official World of Tanks XBOX Forums, or the actual XBOX console including XBOX LIVE.

All technical data regarding tanks posted on this website were obtained where possible from the actual World of Tanks XBOX Edition game. Some tanks may not have been listed in the "Tech Tree" and hence technical data on these tanks were obtained from support sites of the PC version of the game until such times that they are made available on the XBOX console.

World Of Tanks XBOX

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World Of Tanks XBOX

World Of Tanks XBOX

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